Important Notes


(1)The 1st Symphonet bill will include a one-off installation fee of RM250 together with a pro-rated subscription fee up to the last day of the month and a one-off RM10 stamp duty.

(2)This service is subject to a 24-month contract and a termination fee of RM500 is chargeable for termination of service within the contract period.

(3)Packages downgrades will be subjected to a fee of RM200.


(1)Installation time for fibre in premises may take between 1 to 3 hours to complete.

(2)Any charges imposed by external contractors for concealed wiring, over ceiling, customised wiring, additional cable etc. is not covered by the standard Symphonet installation practice shall be borne by the Customer. 

(3)Authorised person must be available to sign off the Service Acceptance Form upon completion of installation.

(4)A penalty of RM 200 will be charged for any request of installation appointment deferment exceeding 3 times, provided always that such request of deferment must be made at least 24 hours before installation time.

(5)Minimal drilling may be required for fibre installation in the premises and Symphonet assumes that the customer has obtained all necessary approvals required for drilling to be done on the premises.

Internet Access Speed (“IAS”)

SymHome Fibre Broadband utilises Gigabit Passive Optical Networks technology., which means IAS are provided on a best effort basis. Various factors may affect the IAS when accessing either local or international websites, such as, among others, multiple users sharing the connection at the same time. Some web servers also restrict access capacity as a way to handle huge traffic demand or may even restrict download speed to ensure fair access to all. Network congestion may be unavoidable due to network maintenance or outages. Running multiple applications at the same time such as peer-to-peer Bit Torrent, etc. can also degrade access speed. Some configurations of the PC operating systems and wireless connectivity can also compromise the IAS performance.