Dedicated Internet Access ("DIA")


As an alternative to traditional high-speed broadband, DIA is designed for businesses that require fast, consistent and round-the-clock dedicated internet access without any risk of downtime. DIA allows upload and download traffic to run concurrently at high speeds without sacrificing network efficiency. With DIA, you will not be sharing the internet connection with anyone else.

We are able to provide DIA of up to 1 Gbps. The network connectivity is powered by reliable domestic and international Tier 1 upstream providers with direct route to US and various parts of the Asia Pacific region.


Business environment these days require high data and bandwidth consumption. With our Metro Ethernet Services, you can easily link your business sites to build a simple, cost-effective network allowing a fast and consistent way for you to transfer data between your offices.

Our Metro Ethernet services can support high-speed data, internet, voice over IP, video and other data intensive applications with flexible speeds of up to 1 Gbps. The service can be set up point-to-point and is easily scalable from point-to-multipoint.

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